Ontario Air Brake Z Endorsement Client Testimonials

Andrew C.from Peterborough, Ontario

  • "Thank you, I passed my airbrake test, and your online practice helped me study without spending so much time reading the book. Your questions are a more fun way to study."

Lenard G.from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I wish I had known about this site when I went for G1 test. This made learning so much easier than trying to remember every little thing in the handbook."

Tejbir M.from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Great idea for a website. The airbrake questions worked out just fine, and I passed my test last friday. Thanks and have a great day."

Sam F.from Kingston, Ontario

  • "I paid the fee and started practicing right away. I practiced around 20 days for about 1-2 hours per/day. I passed my airbrake test, this was worth my time and money."

Kishore L.from Markham, Ontario

  • "I just renewed my air brake license, and it was my second time using this service with success."

Justin H.from Waterloo, Ontario

  • "This was my first time taking the test and I passed. Thank you, the questions helped more than expected."

Omar R.from Caledon, Ontario

  • "This works great because it covers all the main topics through so many questions. I passed and got a perfect score. Air brake test was much easier than the A truck."

Sanjeev K.from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Site helped with my airbrake test. I passed last week, on first attempt. I practiced for 2.5 weeks. Money well spent."

Mandeep C.from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "My review is all positive. A friend of mine gave me the link to this site, we both passed our tests, just as advertised. Great Work!"

David O.from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I found this site on google and it looked good to me so I gave it a shot. I read the book over 2 times and then practiced the airbrake questions for about 2 weeks straight; I took my test the next day and got a perfect score."

Saeed L.from Vaughan, Ontario

  • "Questions were helpful. I passed my airbrake test and finished pretty quick(for my standards), I think it took me about 25-30 minutes."

Mohan S.from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I passed and got 1 question wrong. Questions were helpful and I would recommend this to others."

Ethan K.from Brantford, Ontario

  • "Worked great, I practiced on all my devices (Android 6 phone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop), and most importantly passed my airbrake test. Thanks!"

Faysal A.from Hamilton, Ontario

  • "I had to renew my airbrake license and I thought I would google to see what's out there. I remembered using another service the first time I got my license, but I thought I'd try a different one this time around. There are more features on this site and the questions helped me pass easily. I would recommend to other truck drivers."

Jacelyn V. from London, Ontario

  • "Airbrake questions were similar to the test. Driving-tests.ca covers practically every question you can imagine. I guess that's why the program works so well. I'm very impressed with the end results."

Frank J. from Kitchener, Ontario

  • "The airbrake practice questions worked perfect for me. Excellent website, and keep up the great work."

Kailash D. from Markham, Ontario

  • "I passed my test 2 days ago. The air brake questions were helpful in a big way. I spent very little time studying. Thank you."

Bruce M. from Woodbridge, Ontario

  • "I practiced using my cell phone and found the site to run perfectly. I passed my airbrake test on my first attempt."

Jay S. from Markham, Ontario

  • "I took my test a few days ago, and the online practice airbrake questions were pretty much the same as the actual exam. Very useful for me because I'm not a fast reader, and I find just reading the airbrake text book to be boring. Thanks!"

Dhillon R. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "This website works, I passed with a perfect score. Great job!"

Jennifer A. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I had a great time practicing for my Air Brake Endorsement test. I was a little nervous when taking the test as always, but I passed with no problems and the test questions were similar to your site. Thank you for everything and have yourself a great Monday."

Arun S. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "I studied your Ontario air brake questions online for 3 days and passed the official air brake test @ DriveTest today with a perfect score. :) Test questions were very similar making the test seem very very easy. I will definitely recommend this link to my friends. Thanks again! "

Terrence L. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "Hello, I am pleased to notify you that I passed my airbrake written test a few days ago. Test questions were very similar making the test seem kind of easy. I'm sure I would have got a few wrong if I had not used your service. I will be recommending your site to my friends. Thanks and much success to you moving forward."

Richard B. from Martintown, Ontario

  • "Best money I ever spent. Got 20/20 on the first try as compared to before always had to try twice. I sincerely recommend. Thanks"

Rob B. from Cambridge, Ontario

  • "Wow, the airbrake test seemed real easy for me. Not sure I would have done as well if I hadn't used your questions. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Thank you."

Steven F. from North York, Ontario

  • "I really liked the practice airbrake questions. Always helps to know what your getting into. I will use your service again the next time I need to get my airbrake license renewed. Thank you very much and keep up the great work."

Kathleen P. from Scarborough, Ontario

  • "I just wanted to say how much I love this site because it made practicing for my airbrake test more fun while making it real easy to pass."

Kevin B. from King City, Ontario

  • "Great website A+. The practice questions did make a difference in my performance and confidence. Thank you."

Chris N. from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

  • "Awesome! Thank you so much for providing the air brake practice test online! I practiced with your site for a 3 days and now I'm able to drive trucks with air brakes. Will definitely recommend your service."

Paramjit G. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Signed up yesterday and passed today at Drivetest. Thank you."

Timothy J. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "Thought I'd email you guys to let you know that I just passed my air brake Z endorsement test. I finished before others that were there before me, great feeling cause I am normally not a very good test taker. Thank you for the questions."

Andres R. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "I studied your Ontario air brake questions online for 1 week and passed the official air brake test @ DriveTest yesterday with a perfect score. Thanks so much."

Tristan T. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "I failed the test once already and decided to seek help. Discovered your website, signed up for your Air Brake Practice Questions and practiced for a few days before heading back to re-test. Passed with flying colours! Thank you!"

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