Ontario Class A Truck Client Testimonials

Zayed G. from Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • "I got perfect on all sections, great practice site, and would use it again for future testing."

Chetan K. from Peterborough, Ontario

  • "I practice for 3 weeks everyday and passed with perfect score. Truck questions were all there in the paid version."

Vince P. from Sarnia, Ontario

  • "I passed using these questions. The practice was very helpful."

Mukesh T. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "I used the class A truck questions and it helped me pass my test. I dont like reading books and this is a great alternative."

Stephan A. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "I found the free questions on google, I liked it so I bought the full version. I passed my test with a perfect score. Definately worth the price."

Micheal D. from Kingston, Ontario

  • "Very good questions, and tracks progress, saves alot of time and hassle."

Kyle J. from Timmins, Ontario

  • "I studied 12 days straight, took a few days off, then went at it again for like 5 more days. This was much better than just reading the book. I passed with no problems."

Jaswant H. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "My truck test went just fine. Great site. Would Recommend."

Pradip B. from Hamilton, Ontario

  • "Easy to use and helpful. I practiced mostly on my ipad and a bit on my laptop. No complaints."

Joanna P. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I practiced the questions for about 16 days, while missing a few here and there. Then I went for my truck test and passed easy-peasy."

Owen U. from Scarborough, Ontario

  • "It's always easier when you can see the test beforehand. Great site, and a must try if you don't like taking tests."

Josh H. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "I purchased the class A questions and found it to be very helpful. Thanks, and I will make sure to share the site with my family and friends."

Asheesh T. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "This program is next gen for sure. Amazing website from customer service to the actual questions for practice. Whole experience was top shelf. "

Sam K. from Vaughan, Ontario

  • "I first started using the handbook to study, but switched over to this site after a friend told me about their experience. I got the same result as my friend which was a perfect score. Thanks for providing an excellent service."

Bradan M. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I passed my exam and got perfect. I used my tablet and my phone a bit with no problems. The product was very helpful and saves time compared to studying through the book."

Devan L. from Kitchener, Ontario

  • "The questions were on point. Easy to use system, it was very helpful in passig my truck test. "

Paul S. from North York, Ontario

  • "Great product, I found the class A truck practice questions were very useful. A+"

Raelyn C. from Barrie, Ontario

  • "Passed my class A truck test. Thank you for your services."

Rafeeq V. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Questions worked for me, I passed my test, didnt have to read the book much either. Simple and easy to use."

Subash P. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "Very helpful, I got all questions correct. I am one happy customer, my money was well spent."

Nabil F. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "I'm glad I used your site because it was very helpful. The class A truck questions were very similar. I will definitely be using this site for my air brake test as well. I highly recommend these practice questions!"

Lawrence J. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I passed my test your program helped a lot. thank you!"

Lasantha K. from Markham, Ontario

  • "Great help for passing my class A truck written test. Site works well. Worth every penny."

Hyun J. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "A++ Quality Service; and friendly staff. The class A truck questions were on point. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Brandon M. from Oakville, Ontario

  • "Thanks you for help and I found this to be a very useful resource. I Passed my class A truck test with no problems. I think I spent less time studying on your site then reading the actual book. I'd recommend this to anyone who reads this."

Derek K. from Durham, Ontario

  • "Just wanted to let you know that I passed my class A truck test yesterday. The practice questions you provided were very helpful. Thank you!"

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