Ontario Class AZ Truck + Air Brake Endorsement Client Testimonials

Diana A. from Waterloo, Ontario

  • "Thank you I just pass the AZ and air brakes writing test. Exellent skills to practice for the real test."

Carrie M. from Oshawa, Ontario

  • "I enjoyed using the website, questions are quality and worth payment. Glad I passed my AZ truck test, who knows if there is going to be a second lockdown."

Rick H. from Markham, Ontario

  • "Questions are good, past my test, and thats all that matters."

Toby C. from Brantford, Ontario

  • "Thank you for helping me pass my AZ test, the website worked fast and tracked all my progress without me having to save anything which I thought was great considering I don't like studying for long hours."

Alex B. from Sarnia, Ontario

  • "I passed my AZ test using the questions on this site which I was referred to by a co-worker of mine. Thanks."

Jabir W. from Scarborough, Ontario

  • "I saw an ad for this and thought I'd give it shot. Seemed expensive but the program works so... no complaints."

Varinder D. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "Money well spent, got the desired result I was looking for. Everything as advertised."

Pascal L. from Sudbury, Ontario

  • "It got the job done. The website had all of the AZ questions split up into 4 sections. pretty much covered everything important."

Raymond P. from Barrie, Ontario

  • "Great customer service, handled all my questions in quick fashion. Questions made the actual az test seem easy. I'd use it again."

Wasim J. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I got the tip to use this site from a buddy of mine who purchased this same test 2 years ago and passed. I also passed, found it to be very helpful and would recommend to anyone needing the answers to the az truck test. Thanks Driving-Tests.ca!"

Tushar M. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "I took my az test yesterday and got a perfect score. Happy with my purchase, if you hate tests then you will not regret buying."

Hritesh G. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "I dont like studying by reading the book. This website was alot more enjoyable for me, and I passed my az test on my first visit. I would use again for sure."

Jacqueline H. from North York, Ontario

  • "Just a quick note to let you know I have passed the test. I did it on Friday. I things have changed from five years ago when I did the tests. When I practice the simulation for the A-Z test I didn’t understand that I had to do all simulation test from G to AZ. Anyways I wanted to thank Robert from customer care for beings patient with me. I think that’s who help me. This is the second time I’ve used you service and was very happy. See you in five years."

Denis L. from Niagra Falls, Ontario

  • "Cool program. Questions I practiced here were similar to my az test, which made passing easy for me."

Vineet J. from Vaughan, Ontario

  • "Nice study tool for my az test. I passed my test; so no complaints here."

Micheal E. from Guelph, Ontario

  • "I passed my test 4 days ago using the az practice questions. To be honest; I probably would have failed had I not used this site beforehand."

Amanda P. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "The truck practice questions were very helpful, saves time on studying that's for sure. I would use again if ever needed."

Aarvinder S. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "A good source of information. I passed my test 5 days ago. Truck questions were very useful. Also easy and fun to use the website."

Hasim M. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I got my AZ license using these questions. It worked like a charm."

Carl D. from Hamilton, Ontario

  • "I was referred to this site by a friend who used it to pass his az truck test. I got the same results - A+. Helpful staff with quick response times."

Jordan H. from North York, Ontario

  • "Great questions and I passed with no problems. Thank you and have an awesome day."

Joshua A. from Burlington, Ontario

  • "I practiced the questions and they are helpful. I passed my AZ test with a perfect score. I will recommend your questions to all my buddies, many of them are up for their airbrake renewal."

Mahesh P. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Very good website. class AZ questions are almost same as the test I took. money was well spent. happy customer and thanks you."

Sarah K. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "It was a pleasure to use this website. I practiced the class AZ truck questions according to the websites recommendations, which was easy to follow. I took my test yesterday and was pleased with my results. Your questioning system is very helpful, Thanks you."

Peter S. from Cambridge, Ontario

  • "5 stars all around, great service, with a friendly staff that replied to my emails within a short period of time answering all my questions. Most importantly I passed my AZ test with ease."

Greg P. from Thornhill, Ontario

  • "Great website and very beneficial. These class AZ truck and air brake questions were spot on. I am a nervous test taker and have been since I was a child. Even though I used your site I was still a little nervous until I saw the test questions. Thanks for the easy pass. ;-)"

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