Ontario Class DZ Truck + Air Brake Endorsement Client Testimonials

Keith W. from Coldwater, Ontario

  • " By having studying this practice for both the Air Brakes and D written test I was able to pass first try on actual test. I highly recommend this program to others the information is very helpful."

John M. from Bracebridge, Ontario

  • " I just finished my MTO written tests for D,Z,and SIGNS. My score was perfect and no problems. Your testing systems are very good . Practice tests allowed me to brush up on any possible questions asked. Well worth the cost and you can go back and check your scores and stats. stored in the system anytime. Thank you Driving-tests ca. "

Neil S. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I passed DZ truck test again. Questions are still good, I see some new ones in there as well. This was my second time using this service."

Ishaan M. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "Good site, i just kept practicing till i got everything right. Then went for my test and got same results."

Naveed Y. from Peterborough, Ontario

  • "Very good questions and practice platform. It covers everything you need to know, and I passed the test with ease"

Derek O. from Cornwall, Ontario

  • "I passed my test today. I practiced the dz truck questions until I kept getting perfect score on step 3. And it was very simple to use."

Hank G. from London, Ontario

  • "Questions are good and worth the price tag. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't like studying from the book."

Umesh H. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Perfect way to study, keeps track of where you left off even after logging out. I passed."

Eddie L. from Woodbridge, Ontario

  • "Fun and easy to use. Questions were similar to the actual test which to me is what's most important."

Ketan B. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "Website worked perfect for me. Easy to use, affordable and most importantly I passed my test. Thanks!"

Eddie H. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "Helpful staff, answered all my questions on live chat. Passed my DZ test. Bookmark worthy."

Suresh P. from Newmarket, Ontario

  • "This was a very useful program with great features, I am very impressed and I easily passed my DZ test, Thanks."

Kevin F. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I got refered to this site by my neighbour who used it 2 years ago. I also passed my DZ test. Wish you success as well, Thanks."

Brandon T. from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

  • "The website was a big success for me because I past my test last Tuesday. You're on the right path if you are thinking of purchasing this service."

Nala O. from Kingston, Ontario

  • "I practiced for about 2 1/2 weeks. I practiced till I kept getting perfect on the random tests before going for my test. And I'm happy to say everything worked out fine on my exam. Thanks!"

Pradeep S. from Markham, Ontario

  • "My friend told me about this site and I'm glad he did. I passed my truck DZ test with no worry or problems."

Sam T. from Hamilton, Ontario

  • "Great find, I easily passed. It was very helpful, and I'm glad I purchased it. "

Harry S. from Vaughan, Ontario

  • "The dz truck questions were similar. Website ran smoothly, and the staff answered my questions in a timely manner. Overall great service."

John P. from Niagara, Ontario

  • "I passed my test yesterday. The DZ Questions were perfect. Thanks!"

Owen N. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "Quick way to practice for test. I don't like reading books and taking tests becauses I always seem to get nervous and mix information up. Practicing on this site helped me prepare for the test better than anything else. Great resource."

Manish D. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "The DZ questions were very helpful, I easily got a perfect score on my test. Thank you!!"

Carlos R. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "I passed the test. I studied the DZ questions until I got perfect in on the practice test in every section, which took about 1 week. Thank you for creating these questions and sharing."

Janathan K. from Scarborough, Ontario

  • "The DZ practice questions were very current and it looked similar to the real thing. I was skeptical but now I am a believer. Thank you."

Mohit V. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "I passed my DZ truck airbrake test, it was easy. Your site really helped, great deal. Thank you."

Kumar G. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "I went for my class DZ yesterday and I passed the test. It was actually very similar to questions on your website. English is my second language and I found your service very helpful. Thank you."

Alex K. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "Just wanted to let you know that I practiced for 5 days straight, then passed my class DZ test the next day. Finished studying the questions and taking the actual test in less then a week. Thank you for your help, you saved me a lot of time, and this was well worth the money."

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