Ontario G1 Testimonials from Senior Drivers

Earl N. from Cornwall, ON

  • "I am 85 years old and I passed my g1 test last Thursday. Great help. I will be recommending this to my great grand children; They will be going for their test within the next few years."

Sarah P. from Richmond Hill, ON

  • "I read the book online twice, then bought the program for a month, but i only practiced for 2 weeks. I wish there was a 2 week plan. The questions were good, and I passed the actual g1 test."

Judy M. from Windsor, ON

  • "My grandson emailed me this website while giving it a great review. I practiced for 2 months, 2 long breaks in between practicing. Great preparation site for the G1 test. I was not disappointed, left with a big smile on my face :)"

Emma L. from Niagara Falls, ON

  • "I really hate taking these tests because I always get so nervous. I felt nerves at the start of the test, starting doing the questions and noticed the similarities right away. This really does help for passing the g1 test. A+"

Bharat S. from Scarborough, ON

  • "I passed my g1 test thanks to you. I found reading the handbook was okay and kind of boring. But your test questions were more practical for preparing for the test. You have a beautiful website."

Roberta A. from Toronto, ON

  • "I practiced the g1 questions on this site for about 10 days for few hours a day. Very helpful. Saves time studying as well. If you can afford it then it's definitely worth buying."

Mike J. from Ottawa, ON

  • "I had some issues the first time I went, so I decided to try this service. I studied for 2 1/2 weeks, and I was not disappointed. The test seemed much easier the second time around. Great product, I would recommend to friends and family."

Gladis P. from Woodbridge, ON

  • "I passed my g1 test 2 weeks ago; with perfect score. I found the questions to be very useful. Also, I didn't even bother reading the handbook because it's boring and takes too long."

Timothy S. from Sudbury, ON

  • "The g1 questions were perfect. I decided to take my time and study so I purchased a second month. I find studying for tests a challenge as I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Your website was very helpful, I passed on my first visit. Thank you very much."

Marek K. from Niagara, ON

  • "Excellent service with fast email response and easy to follow questions. I will recommend to my friends and family."

Charles G. from Hamilton, ON

  • "Your website made the real g1 test seem very easy (not complaining), thank you for helping me out. I also must say the great use of technology made studying for my test much more fun and impactful."

Dennis C. from Markham, ON

  • "Very accurate G1 questions and website was easy to use; along with quick and helpful customer service. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work."

Tom H. from Oakville, ON

  • "I got through the practice questions within 4 days and I purchased the one week service which was more than enough time for me to learn all of the g1 test material. Great value, you get all the questions and features for a fraction of the price. You cant go wrong, I would highly recommend this website."

Pauline L. from Thunder Bay, ON

  • "I practiced with your g1 test questions for seniors over the last 3 days. I went for my G1 test today and I aced it. I will be letting all my friends know about your incredible service, which made passing the g1 test for seniors a piece of cake."

Paul M. from Pickering, ON

  • "Thank you for helping me pass the seniors g1 test. It was real easy even at my age, 85."

Roger F. from Toronto, ON

  • "I have difficulty remembering information at my age, your site really helped me retain the information for my g1 test. Best money I've spent in a long time and believe me, I've been around a while."

Edna S. from Scarborough, ON

  • "I received this as a gift from my daughter, even though I'm horrible with computers I still was able to practice the g1 questions without any problems. Passed with no problems too. Great service and thank you for your help."

Gerald O. from Barrie, ON

  • "Good product, friendly and helpful staff, highly recommended to everyone who needs to pass their seniors g1 test."

Donna H. from Kitchener, ON

  • "I studied your senior g1 practice questions online for about a week, a few hours a day. I was surprised that the test looked very similar to the actual g1 test. Great service, sure saves time studying for this test. Will use next time I need to write the g1 test. Thanks a lot!"

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