Ontario G1 Testimonials from Teens, Immigrants and New Drivers

Zair G. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "I passed last week, questions were on point, and I paid for one week only and it was enough time for me to study."

Vincent J. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "Thank you for helping me pass my G1 test, I should have used this website the first time I went for my test, would have saved me a lot of time and embarrassment."

Rina S. from Belleville, Ontario

  • "I went for my g1 test last week and passed with a perfect score. I was nervous at first but once I started the test I relaxed down. The practice questions were helpful and gave me a lot of confidence."

Ebele B. from Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • "My friend used this 2 years ago and told me to use it. I purchased the 1 month package, studied for 2 weeks every day. I went for my test with another friend of mine who didn't use the site and she failed. LOL... and I passed. She will be using this site next time she goes for her g1 test."

Julia E. from Vaughan, Ontario

  • "I paid for the full service and it worked for me. I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy pass."

Ashley P. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "My mom got the g1 practice questions for me and I'm glad she did. She paid for the week, but I needed more time because my schedule got busy. Ended up buying the month, would recommend to anyone looking for an easy pass."

Liu M. from Markham, Ontario

  • "I passed thank you. I purchased 1 week, but needed more time so i got another week and it saved all my progress so I was able to continue right where I left off."

Alice H. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "This was worth my time and money, I bought the 1 week subscription and it was enough time to practice all the questions properly. Took my g1 test and passed with only 1 wrong."

Cassandra P. from Woodstock, Ontario

  • "I never thought taking a test would be so easy. I read the g1 drivers handbook once then used the practice questions for about 3 weeks straight. Customer service responded to my questions on the same day."

Justin C. from Burlington, Ontario

  • "I took my test last week and I passed, which means these questions are actually up-to-date. I'll be letting my friends know about your site."

Maya K. from Thornhill, Ontario

  • "The test is always easier when you can see the questions beforehand. I answered all questions perfectly."

Yasu N. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "A smooth experience, practicing and taking the g1 test. I highly reccommend if you're in a rush to get your license."

Reshma V. from Mississauga, Ontario

  • "G1 practice queations worked great, and got my learners license with no problems. I can't wait to actually start driving. Thanks and have yourself a great day."

Gerald P. from Pickering, Ontario

  • "I enjoyed studying using this well structured program. You will feel confident going into the test and smiling coming out."

Farheen K. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "Great website, g1 questions worked out well for me. I would recommend to anyone reading this."

Damiya B. from Kitchener Falls, Ontario

  • "5 star service and product. I practiced for my G1 test for about 10 days a few hours per day. The g1 test was real easy to pass thanks to the study questions on your site. Thank you!"

Sebastien F. from Smiths Falls, Ontario

  • "Thank you for the lessons. Your g1 practice questions helped for sure, and made the g1 test seem real easy. Have a great day!"

Tuyen Y. from North York, Ontario

  • "I love STEP #4 which tracks the questions I got wrong, so I didn't have to go through the same questions over and over. Great time saver, worth the price for sure. Thanks."

Jia D. from Scarborough, Ontario

  • "Very good website. I studied for 1 week and I passed my G1 test with no problems. Thanks for your help and have a great day."

Alexandria K. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "My cousin told me about Driving-Tests.ca which he used 2 years ago and passed his test very easily. So I was convinced and purchased your G1 practice questions. I practiced for like 3 weeks on and off. I went for my G1 test last week and everything turned out great. Thank you."

Jennifer R. from London, Ontario

  • "I am pleased to say I passed my test. I cant wait to start practicing driving. Now lets pray I don't run anyone over by accident (joking). I'm sure I will be a good driver. Thank you for the questions, they made taking the G1 test kind of fun."

Sasha D. from Windsor, Ontario

  • "I got referred to this site by a friend so I knew what to expect. I went yesterday for my g1 test and got perfect while only practicing for under a week or so. I would like to get my motorcycle questions as well, If you will be providing this service in the near future please contact me asap. Thank you and have a great day!"

Jean W. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "Hey, I'm originally from Montreal and I just moved to Toronto and needed to get my drivers license for work. So my english is ok because it is my second language. The g1 practice questions did help me to learn the information better. Great product and fast customer service."

Anthony C. from Sudbury, Ontario

  • "I failed the first time I went so I thought I'd get a little help. This site made the G1 test a breeze to pass. Great Site, highly recommended A++"

Mark S. from Toronto, Ontario

  • "Thank you for helping me pass the g1 test. It was real easy."

Amy P. from Niagara Falls, Ontario

  • "I found your site through a newspaper ad. G1 practice questions we very similar to the actual g1 test. This site will make it almost impossible to fail. Keep up the good work."

Sandy H. from Ottawa, Ontario

  • "I love the format in which you teach the g1 practice test questions online, it was very easy to follow just like the actual g1 test. I was nervous at first, but when I took a look at the questions I started to laugh, what a joke. Seriously, it felt as though I had already written the g1 test before. Thanks again for your help."

Adam J. from Markham, Ontario

  • "I always get nervous on tests, and don't perform well under pressure. This site really helped me take the edge off. I got a perfect score. Thank you Driving-tests.ca!"

Gaurav S. from Brampton, Ontario

  • "I passed my G1 test today, thanks to your web site. The g1 practice questions were real helpful, and I didn't think the test would be that easy, but I was in and out in no time. I had gone with a buddy of mine and he was like how the heck did you finish so fast. I just gave him a smile."

Kim L. from North Bay, Ontario

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I just passed my g1 test with a perfect score. Thank you very much, I will definitely share this site with my family and friends."

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